About Me


Hiking in Colorado

Laurel Holmes, MA, Abs LMHC.

Hey friends, I have been running my Behavioral Health practice for 20 years. I graduated from Seattle’s Bastyr University in Applied Behavioral Science in 1994.

I’m a synthesizer and interpreter of therapy techniques. I believe that all good therapy is an art, not a technique, and that as I am able to deeply listen to myself and my clients, relational healing takes place. I use EMDR techniques for everything from trauma, to personal performance, to soothing anxiety. I provide tons of Marriage Therapy and enjoy the very dynamic work it is, drawing from Susan Johnson (EFT), John Gottman, and Stan Tatkin‘s neurological approach to right-brain connection. Other, influences in my 1:1 work include Attachment theory, Somatics, CBT,  Mindfulnes, Breathing, and Meditation. My work week includes 3 days of private practice with individuals and couples and one day collaborating with the brilliant, Bellingham Somatics Therapist, Scot Nichols.

I also seek to optimize my life as artist, mom, and wife.


The Path~ LH

“If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day n your life.”

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